Learn through play

Our curriculum is deliberately flexible and can be tailored to the needs of each child.

The daily schedule is unhurried, non-competitive and loving.

The children join in songs and stories during circle time, complete art projects, experience a science or nature project and enjoy free play with sand toys, riding toys and climbing equipment. Individual differences are acknowledged and children are not pushed to conform to developmental timetables. Children are encouraged to express their growing autonomy by selecting from a wide range of appropriate materials and activities. As teachers, parents and children help each other to express their feelings, all grow in their sense of self-respect and self-worth.

Academic concepts for the preschool child (i.e., colors, shapes, letters, numbers, same/opposite and general knowledge of the world) are integrated into various creative activities and also learned through play.

Extended Care Options

Programs can be combined to suit your needs

Early Bird Care is available from 8am - 9:30am

Late Bird Care is available from 4pm -5pm

Pre-K/TK Programs

Students participate in activities aimed at developing kindergarten readiness skills, creative and independent thinking, problem solving, oral language skills and cooperation.

2 day, 3 day, and 5 day options

8:30am - 2pm

Pre-K children must turn 4 by September 2nd

TK children must turn 5 between September 2nd and December 2nd

5 Day Classes

Monday to Friday Preschool

Mornings 9:30am - 2pm

Ages: 2 to 5.5 years

No toilet training required

3 Day Classes

Mon - Wed - Fri Preschool

9:30am - 2pm

Ages: 2 to 5.5 years

No toilet training required

2 Day Classes

Tuesday and Thursday Preschool

9:30am - 2pm 

Ages: 2 to 5.5 years

No toilet training required

You & Me Classes

Wednesdays 9a - 11:30a

Children ages 15 months to 2 years

Along with their toddlers, parents will develop

relationships with other parents who have similar interests in fine-tuning parenting skills as well as learn techniques that will create families that are respectful, cooperative and empowering through direct parental involvement.

Taught by our award-winning Teacher Cindy

*please note that our You & Me classes are not currently running, but we can't wait to welcome our littlest students back once we're able