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Health and Safety

The well-being of our children, families, and staff is our primary concern.  In compliance with all federal, state and local recommendations, and licensing guidelines, we've developed thorough prevention and sanitization protocol to ensure that we can safely play and learn in a healthy environment.  Our plans have been reviewed and approved by the California Department of Social Services.

Cleaning Products


  • Enacting stricter health policies

    • 72 hour sick policy

    • Temperature checks before entry

  • All staff wears cloth face coverings

  • Frequent hand washing and reminders about healthy practices

  • Enhanced cleaning procedures

    • Regular professional cleanings

    • Disinfection of high touch items throughout the day by staff

    • Cleaning of restroom handles and dispensers after each use

  • Smaller, consistent groups to minimize exposure

  • Individual art and learning supplies for each student

  • Separate sets of toys and materials for each group

  • Cleaning outdoor and art areas between group rotations

  • Encouraging individual activities and appropriate distancing as possible

  • Defining an appropriate plan of action should exposure or outbreak occur


  • Daily health checks of all family members before heading into school

  • Protect our community by keeping your child home from school if anyone in your household is exhibiting signs of illness

  • Utilize our drive through system for drop-off and pickup, as no unnecessary visitors are allowed in our facility

  • Isolate after traveling to any area with an active outbreak of COVID-19

  • Maintain open and honest communication with our office so we can stay on top of any potential health situations and notify the appropriate people of possible risk

Please note that these are subject to change as guidelines are updated, please contact our office for additional information. 

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