WPNS Work Days

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a workday? 

A workday is a time at the school where parents come together to help with small tasks to improve our space for the kids. It could include things like helping to reorganize supplies, clean up spaces, gardening, sanding, or other tasks as needed. 


Do I have to come for 2 hours? Can I come for more?

We'll take as much or as little time as you can give. Just note in the sign up sheet what amount of time you'll be there.


Can I bring my kids?

Adults only for now, please. We need to make sure our families are distancing and with power tools potentially in use, we want to make sure everyone is safe.  


I'm not "handy." Will there be things for me to do?

Yes! You do not need to be "handy" or able to use tools to help at the workday. 


How will I know what to work on?

Board members will be on site to help guide the day. You can also see our "punch list" in the second tab of the sign up sheet below (the tab is called "Work to Do"). These are the tasks that staff have said are a priority.

What should I bring or wear?

Wear closed toes shoes and comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Some people like to bring gardening gloves or even dish gloves. And be sure to read the Digest, as additional requests for items to bring (such as potting soil or sanding paper) may be requested.  

Will my hours count towards service hours?

Yes! And please log your time in the Service Hours Google Form so you can get credit for your time.