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1.  Click HERE to take our Mid Year Survey 2.  Make plans to attend Parent Ed on 1/14 at 7p 3.  Clean out your child's cubby and check lost + found 4.  Attend Cleanup Day on 1/18


Please give a warm welcome to our new hire

Teacher Jeanine!

Jeanine will be with us full-time starting this week.  After a wonderful playdate last week full of hand-holding, hotwheel car negotiations, and tea parties we knew she would be an excellent addition to our staff!


PARENT ED: Tuesday, January 14 at 7:00 pm

Come join Michele Wilkoff, LCSW, as she talks about the definitions of anxiety, the differences between anxiety in kids and anxiety in adults, the basic brain science behind anxiety, and how you, as the parent or educator, can help your kids learn how to cope and work through their anxiety.

This workshop is open to the community. A $10 donation is suggested for greater community members.

(child care is available for members of WPNS. Please call the office by noon Monday so that we can plan accordingly. $8 for children 2 and over. $10 for children under 2.)


Valentines!  <3

This year we ask that your child make Valentines for the number children in your child's group(s).  

We ask that no candy be put into the Valentines. 

Each group has roughly no more than 14 children in a group. Some of the children who come 5 days a week are in 2 different groups.  Teachers will reach out to you and let you know if this is your child's case.

Homemade Valentines are fun, sweet and creative, however we know that you all have busy lives and store bought ones are welcome as well.

Envelopes do NOT have to be addressed. Children will mail the Valentines into the appropriate group "bags" with your help when they first arrive for their day. 


Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Please consider joining the Kids' March for Equality in Westchester on this day. This event provides a safe, positive, non-partisan opportunity for children to voice thier support of diversity, equality and treating others with kindess. It will be a wonderful morning and perfect for WPNS families! 


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1.  Email officeadmin@wpns.org by 2pm if you need childcare for the membership meeting. 2.  Come to the membership meeting on Tuesday evening!  Please remember that attendance at meetings is mandatory

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