Weekly To-Do:

1. ✔️ Check your mailboxes for intent to re-enroll forms and summer camp forms... and kindly return them to the office.

2. Also, Kayla Mandell, Mary Guetschow Cooper, and Rossana Mendelsohn please check your mailboxes. ☕️

3. ☔️ Bring rain gear and a change of clothes for your kiddo to do some splashing early this week!

4. 💰 Check out your fundraising dollars at work with our new carpet install! Then...

5. 🍭Sign up for the Yumraiser with See’s Candy and/or start bringing in those SpringFest sponsors and items! I have more bribes to hand out this week for anyone on top of their fundraising game.

6. 🧦 Check cubbies and lost and found. I picked up a lot of wayward socks and sweatshirts this weekend during the carpet install.

7. ✍🏼 Sign up to be on the board or email me with any questions about what it’s like.

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