1.  Email officeadmin@wpns.org by 2pm if you need childcare for the membership meeting.

2.  Come to the membership meeting on Tuesday evening!  Please remember that attendance at meetings is mandatory.

3.  If you haven't attended an Orientation session (like the first meeting In September or any of the following mini sessions), Lauren is hosting one tomorrow before the meeting.  Email her at lbw@fb.com if you have not been in touch.

4.  Whether you're participating in the Dance-A-Thon or just coming to boogie, grab your tickets and invite your friends to grab theirs:  https://www.wpns.org/events/valentines-day-family-dance

Current Working Parent Schedule: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v55YSxTfl2tB4zWV7aa1c-su_esZEq7L/view

(310) 670-5522

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