Joyce's Voice: Holidays

The Holidays are almost in full swing.  That magical time of year is fast approaching. Are you all ready? 

The kids and many adults are abuzz with excitement (some exhaustion) and anticipation.  The kids are starting to talk about things: Can we make the tree with the handprints and wishes? What are you asking Santa for? Do you have lights up? What is a menorah? and so much more.  The kids’ minds are whirling, wondering what to believe about this time of year. It is a great time to play with their imagination, create stories with them, and listen to what they think and to help them creatively output what their ideas.  (No matter what you think or believe, go with their thought and see where it takes them, and as they grow they will develop their own ideas and opinions about this time of year.)

This is the time when they will ask if “reindeer really fly,” and how Santa gets down the chimney. “Why do we light a candle each night,” and "is the Purple Urple really real.” How will you respond? Hopefully you will respond playfully and ask them “What do you think?” and you will listen with great intent, suggesting that you believe in their truth or the possibility. By believing in their truth, you believe in them.

Peace and Co-Operation,  Joyce

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