First Day Checklist!

For your backpack

Bring these items every day:

❏ Lunchbox and any necessary napkins, utensils and cold packs

❏ A nut-free lunch and snack* in reusable, easy-to-open containers

❏ Reusable water bottle filled with water

❏ Sunscreen

*For students enrolled in both the morning and afternoon classes, please pack two snacks.

For your cubby

Put these “as needed” items in your cubby and check weekly for replacements:

❏ 2 sets of extra character-free clothing (shirts, pants/shorts, socks)

❏ 2 sets of underwear

❏ Lightweight jacket or sweatshirt to store in cubby

❏ Bathing suit and towel for water play

❏ Wet/dry bag for wet or soiled clothing

Other items

Please check with your teacher on the best storage place:

❏ Diapering supplies (if needed) including diapers, wipes and diaper cream

❏ Nap supplies (if needed) including crib sheet for the nap mat, blanket, pillow and any loveys or comfort sleep items

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