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This page is for current WPNS families. Were you looking for general WPNS FAQ?

Please note that COVID 19 affects some operations. You're welcome to contact the office for clarification at officeadmin@wpns.org or (310) 670-5522. 

Urgent questions:

I have an urgent question, who do I contact?

  • Call the office at (310) 670-5522 

Classroom questions:

How do I contact a teacher?

  • The best way to reach a teacher is to email wpnsteachers@gmail.com, or in a "pinch" text the Director at (310) 626-3292

Is there a class parent?

During the day:

What should I pack for lunch?

What should my child wear to school?

What are pickup and drop-off times?

  • Drive Thru (15 minute window) Monday-Friday

    • 8:20-8:35 am

    • 9:15-9:30 am 

    • 1:55-2:10 pm 

    • 3:55-4:10 pm

  • Door (10 minute window) Monday-Friday

    • 12:30-12:40 pm

  • Late bird pickup by 4:55pm at the door

Requirement Questions:

How often do I need to work in the classroom?

  • The amount of time you are required to work is dependent on how often your child attends school. We also offer a tier that doesn't require parent work days. 

Can an alternative caregiver (nanny, grandparent) work instead of a parent?

  • Usually no, unless special arrangements have been made and the appropriate paperwork is completed. 

How do you determine work days?

  • The office sends out a “preference sheet” with the initial sign up paperwork. 

Are service hours and work days the same thing?

  • No, they are two different entities. Both workdays and family jobs count towards service hours. Everyone is required to do their family job, and that counts towards service hours, but isn't typically enough to meet the total hours required. So we have other opportunities, including the workdays and other random tasks that Joyce and the office put out in digests and in our Facebook group (e.g. moving the playground equipment, laundry, etc). A "punch list" (aka "work to do" list) is available on the members section of the website. The "punch list" has current requests that can be completed for service hours.

  • Please note that If you join the board you do not need to log service hours.

What are service hours? How do I get them? How do I track them?

What are my fundraising requirements?

I missed a membership meeting. Where do I find meeting minutes?


How do you determine air quality days?

(310) 670-5522

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