Kindergarten Readiness

bonnie_bruce_csml Bonny Bruce: Kindergarten Readiness


Westchester Parents’ Nursery School presents an evening with Bonnie Bruce, co-founder of Chancy and Bruce Educational Resources, Inc. Come and learn what school readiness means, how to tell if a child is developmentally on track to be ready, and some ways to check for readiness.

Kindergarten Readiness & Early Childhood Development

When a child should enter the school system, public or private, is one of the most important decisions a parent must make. How can you tell if a child is ready for kindergarten or if they would benefit from an extra year of developmental maturity? School readiness is defined as “the ability to cope, learn, and achieve without undue stress.” Giving insight into what this means and what it looks like in our kids, Bonnie will share research and identify the characteristics of a child developmentally ready for kindergarten as well as provide activities that nurture a young child’s growthand development.

Bonnie Bruce has an extensive background in the field of Early Childhood Education, advanced degrees in the area of Learning Disabilities, and extensive training in Early Childhood Assessment.

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  • Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013


  • 7pm-9pm


  • Westchester Parents Nursery School- Arlington Hall
WPNS members free. Classes are open to the public, a donation of $10 is suggested. Call for more information: 310-670-5522