Elementary School Forum

Elementary School Forum

Hosted by Westchester Parents Nursery School

Researching local elementary schools?

Get a glimpse of the myriad of wonderful charter, magnet, private and traditional public

elementary schools in and around Westchester.  The following schools will speak about

the uniqueness of their programs and be available to answer your questions.

Broadway Elementary (Mandarin Immersion)               Paseo del Rey Magnet

Cowan Elementary                                                                Playa del Rey Elementary

DaVinci School                                                                        St. Anastasia Catholic School

Goethe International Charter                                            St. Jerome School

Loyola Village                                                                          Visitation School

Ocean Charter                                                                         Wiseburn School District

Open Charter                                                                           WISH Charter

….and more!



  • October 15, 2013


  • 7pm-9pm


  • Loyola Village Elementary Auditorium
WPNS members free. Classes are open to the public, a donation of $10 is suggested. Call for more information: 310-670-5522