May 15th – Pattie Fitzgerald

“An Ounce of Prevention”

A Child-Safety Presentation for Parents and Caregivers By Pattie Fitzgerald, founder safely ever after, inc.

 Learn how to keep your children safe with effective, child-friendly language and concepts…    in a non-fearful manner!

 Pattie Fitzgerald is recognized as a leading expert in the field of childhood sexual abuse prevention.  She is a certified Child Visitation Monitor, in addition to her certification as a Level One Agent and Child Safety Educator through the National Security Alliance/Kid-Safe Network.  A former preschool teacher, Pattie also worked as the original Community Outreach Educator for the national child advocacy agency, Parents For Megan’s Law.  

In 2007, Pattie became a guest instructor for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s M.E.R.I.T. program and her workshops and curriculum are used at schools throughout the United States.  She has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC World News, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, and local Los Angeles television and radio news programs.   Pattie is also the author of the recently published children’s book,  “NO TRESPASSING – THIS IS MY BODY!”which is garnering strong praise from pediatricians, parents and educators across the country.    She is a member of the American Professional Society On The Abuse of Children and the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners. 

  Presented with an empowering and positive approach, Pattie Fitzgerald’s parenting workshops and classroom programs have been successfully presented at schools, community organizations, and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.

Features include:

• The Super-Ten “Safe-Smarts” Rules for Kids and Grownups• How to recognize a “Tricky Person”

• Prevention Strategies To Keep Your Child From Being Targeted

• 12 Most Common Lures & Tricks a Predator Uses a.k.a. “beating ‘em at their own game”

• 14 Red Flags and Warning Signs

• Parent Guidelines & language for talking to children in an effective, non-fearful manner

• The myth of “stranger-danger”

• Identifying the Grooming Tricks of a child predator BEFORE he strikes

• Protecting kids from people they: “know, don’t know, or know just a little bit”

• Establishing appropriate personal boundaries for those who interact with your children

• Information on Megan’s Law in California

“Safely Ever After, Inc. was created because… I’m a MOM first, who simply wants my daughter to be safe and have a childhood that is still fun.   Keeping our kids safe doesn’t mean we should have the wits scared out of us or that we should be worried all the time.     It means being able to navigate through the myriad of statistics and research, and empowering ourselves with the best weapon around:  education!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     …Pattie Fitzgerald

 Safely Ever After, Inc. 1112 Montana Avenue, #277 Santa Monica, CA  90403 (310).203-1330

ALL LECTURES 7pm to 9pm

Westchester Parents’ Nursery School – 7300 Manchester Avenue, Westchester, CA 90045

WPNS Members free, Guests $10 donation suggested.

Call for more information: 310 670-5522